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Step 1 - Pre-Reception Insider Tips

  • "Rely on the Experts"
  • "Don't Listen To Horror Stories"
  • "Whose Wedding Reception Is It Anyway"
  • "The Truth About Timelines"
  • "Do Not Over Book Time"
  • "Help Your Guests Find Your Banquet Center"

Step 2 - The Cocktail Hour

  • "Cocktail Music"
  • "Be Sure To Hire Enough Bartenders"
  • "How To Greet Guests"
  • "Giant Guest Registry"
  • "Make Your Wedding Cake Glow"
  • "Cocktail Hour Services to Ask of Your DJ/Band"

Step 3 - Pre-Dinner Events & Introductions

  • "The Bridal Party Needs To Be Available"
  • "Look Your Best For Introductions"
  • "Don't Forget Grandparents"
  • "Seating of the Parents and Bridal Party"
  • "The Easy Way to Introduce Divorced or Re-Married Parents"
  • "Flower Girls and Ring Bearers"
  • "How Do You Say My Name?"
  • "The Best Time To Cut The Cake"
  • "Dramatic Opening Dance"
  • "It's a Toast Not A Roast"
  • "Bachelor No More"

Step 4 - Dinner

  • "Dinner Music"
  • "Lighting Control"
  • "Time For The Bride & Groom To Say Thanks"
  • "Who Traveled The Farthest"
  • "Italian For Love"
  • "Sing A Song To Kiss"
  • "Kiss Gift Box"
  • "Include Your DJ/Band For Dinner"
  • "Some Guests May Need To Leave Early"

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