Soon you'll sample the program's eight steps, all prepared to help you get ready for the reception celebration of your dreams. We believe you'll find each step engaging, informative and easy to use. Featuring an interactive online format, the program begins with many helpful pre-reception thoughts and ideas to consider. You'll quickly move to the start of your cocktail hour and plan everything right through to the last dance of the night. In fact, many people say that after spending just fifteen minutes with the WRP program, they discover a wealth of valuable information that immediately eases stress and increases your potential for a fun reception.

If you're all set, let us take you on a guided tour with the sample steps below:

Step 1: Pre-Reception: Discover what you need to know before you start. Learn More

First, itís important to ease potential stress and increase your potential for joy. You will learn how to avoid common mistakes many couples make. Six topics include "Donít Listen to Horror Stories" and "Whose Reception Is It Anyway?"

Step 2: Cocktail Hour: Change it from ordinary to awesome. Learn More

The cocktail can be so much more than elevator music. Itís an opportunity to set the tone for a true celebration. A sample of seven topics include "Five New Services to Ask of Your DJ or Band", "How To Greet Your Guests" and "Cocktail Music."

Step 3: Introductions and Pre-Dinner Events: Keep everything organized. Learn More

Keep the focus and create a smooth flow to the busiest fifteen minutes of your reception. (This step alone may be worth more than the cost of the program.) Get the scoop from eleven topics such as "How Do You Say My Name", "Donít Forget Grandparents" and "Itís a Toast Not a Roast."

Step 4: Dinner: It can be so much more than the clanking of dishes. Learn More

Highlights of seven topics feature "Dinner Music, "Italian For Love" and "Sing A Song To Kiss." Interactive, classy but fun ideas will keep your guests entertained between courses and put them in the mood for dance music.

Step 5: Opening Dances: Enjoy the moment, even with all eyes on the dance floor. Learn More

Discover loads of "insider tips" to help you step smoothly through opening dances. Turn potentially troublesome dances into wonderful moments to remember. Find out how with five detailed topics like "How To Dance With More Than One Father (Or Mother)" and "Share The Parents Dance."

Step 6: Special Events: Guaranteed to raise your reception "Fun Factor." Learn More

Special events will energize your reception. Inside Step 6, youíll find descriptions of fourteen interactive, entertaining and fun activities that will send your guests straight to the dance floor.

Step 7: Dance Music: The heart of your celebration. Learn More

Your most vivid memory will be how much fun you and your guests had dancing at your reception. Six hot topics like "The Power of Music" and "Musical Balance" will help you choose a music mix to maximize dance floor impact.

Step 8: Now That Your Plan is Complete: Put It Into Action. Learn More

The key to a fantastic plan is to use it effectively. Get what you need to know from four very detailed topics, featuring "The Importance of a Skilled Entertainer" and "Important Things to Ask Your DJ or Band."

It's essential to communicate what you expect from your DJ or Band. With the full program, simply watch, read and listen to the topics in each step, then complete each step's detailed questionnaire. After completing all eights steps, your customized and personal wedding reception planner will be ready to share with the DJ or Band of your choice.

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