To help with all the details of planning your wedding reception music and activities, there's never been anything like Wedding Reception Perfection (WRP). When you sign-up with WRP, you'll be on your way to the most successful, memorable, exciting wedding reception imaginable!

To clearly understand the value of WRP's unique features, let's start by telling you what we are, and what we're not:

Wedding Reception Perfection completely organizes everything!

Simply complete eight comprehensive planning steps at your own pace, all with on-line ease and convenience. As you progress through each step, specific topic information and helpful hints will guide you along. With Wedding Reception Perfection, you will:

  • Read and listen to helpful hints to ease the stress and enhance your peace of mind.
  • Personally choose your reception's announcements, activities and special events with an interactive planner.
  • Choose your favorite cocktail and dinner music.
  • Select the hottest dance music from thousands of proven party songs.
  • Automatically generate your own custom play lists: "Must Play, Do Not Play."
  • Avoid the frustration and stress of not knowing 'what to do next.' All the guidance and answers are in Wedding Reception Perfection.
  • Save hours of valuable time.
  • Tell you DJ/Band exactly what you want.

When your Wedding Reception Perfection plan is complete, simply share a summary of your plan with the DJ or band of your choice. Your unique plan will represent the specific information they need to help make your reception a success. (Be sure to give the plan to all of your wedding day service providers, especially your banquet center manager and photographer. This will enable multiple services to coordinate activities during your reception.)

Think of Wedding Reception Perfection as a valuable key that will unlock all the secrets to planning a memorable celebration. With us serving as your personal assistant, you'll have a professional consultant by your side to attend to all the details. Faster than you could ever imagine, Wedding Reception Perfection will bring the scattered pieces of your reception puzzle together into a clear and easy to follow picture, guaranteed to power up your reception's "fun factor."

Until today, only a few select reception entertainment experts held the information inside Wedding Reception Perfection. The interactive, step-by-step planner did not even exist until we created it. For the first time, these features are finally available to you. See for yourself what the excitement is all about! Give Wedding Reception Perfection a spin with our FREE Trial. You'll be on your way to creating your own Wedding Reception Perfection masterpiece.

Mark Lindemer is the founder of Wedding Reception Perfection. One of the first mobile DJs in the Midwest to host and provide music for wedding receptions, Mark established Trans Audio Mobile Music in the fall of 1982. Incredibly, with the help of many talented mobile DJs on his staff, Mark has been a part of planning and performing for more than six thousand receptions! Think of it this way: that's providing the music and hosting events for 12,000 newlyweds and over one million guests during a span of more than twenty-five years. With Mark guiding Trans Audio, he has gained the trust and recommendation of countless newlyweds, families, banquet center managers, photographers, videographer and wedding coordinators.

Mark believes that receptions should be fun, not work, and so should the advance planning. Now, for the first time, Mark would like to put the experience of six thousand wedding receptions and the refinement of twenty-five years to work for you, too, with Wedding Reception Perfection! Mark adds, "A successful reception starts with a great plan. This is what a bride and groom needs to make their reception a hit. Enjoy, and most of all, have fun!"